03 Jun 2013

3 Ways ‘Women at the Ritz’ Advances Feminine Leadership and Why TLAC is a Strong Supporter

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3 Ways ‘Women at the Ritz’ Advances Feminine Leadership and Why TLAC is a Strong Supporter

‘If women connect to the power within, they become transformational forces of nature for their families, their communities and the world.” Fatma Zaidi

1.   On June 10, 2013 at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto, women from all walks of life will come together to participate in an event unlike any other. Women at the Ritz is a luxurious, but affordable event that treats each guest as an individual, providing them with an oasis to feel nurtured, rejuvenated and supported in order to rekindle or ignite the feminine leader inside of them. Loving oneself and allowing yourself to be loved is an important part of becoming comfortable and confident that you deserve to have your dreams come true.

Changing the world through feminine leadership.

2.   Founded by Selma Lalji, managing director and CEO of Delight Leadership and Fatma Zaidi, world class leadership coach, these two successful ladies wanted to create an event that filled the gap of ‘what next?’ that so often accompanies other leadership events. That’s why they created this unique event that provides the space for participants to reflect and make a plan that will start them on a path to reaching their goals and aspirations. Not only will women leave the evening with a plan of action in hand but they will be provided with support that extends beyond the event through on-going communication, circles of support, newsletters and forums.

3.   A Feminine Leader is a woman who understands and acts on the impact her feminine power can have on her world and the world at large. It is a woman who lives her greatness and inspires others to live theirs. What better examples of feminine leadership than Selma and Fatma, two women with high energy, compassion and a natural essence of love and inspiration. They recognize that it is a natural intuition of women to want to help others and impact the lives of those around them. With the right support a woman who finds her magnificence and strength as a feminine leader, can then impact those around her, allowing other women to find their potential as well.  It is through Women at the Ritz that women will connect to one another to form these integral and essential bonds to further their own personal goals and those of the larger communities around them.

TLAC’s support of Feminine Leaders

We believe the success of TLAC and it’s continued growth is a result of our support and recognition of the unique qualities of women and feminine leadership. It isn’t a coincidence that three of TLAC’s letters also stand for acronym TLC (Tender Loving Care.) We understand that a good company includes community, collaboration and connection in its business plan and women utilize these qualities in a way TLAC recognizes and appreciates. We want our community to feel nurtured, supported and taken care of, which is why when we found out about Women at the Ritz it was a natural collaboration. When our community includes both strong men and women leaders all aspects of our lives can be enhanced and strengthened.

We hope other companies will see the value of supporting feminine leaders and will offer their employees the opportunity to share the night with our own feminine leaders and others who have secured their spot for this incredible evening!

To reserve your spot at Women at the Ritz and to read Selma’s most recent post ‘3 Tips to Create Real Change in Your Life’ go to: www.WomenAtTheRitz.com

Copywritten by Jenna Goodhand