Shangri-La Hotel Toronto | London Calling High Tea Event

What does the Shangri-La Hotel and TLAC have in common? We both believe that the highest standard becomes the standard. And since like attracts like, it was only a matter of time until team shangri-la found out about our humble team tlac. Announcing the Shangri-La Hotel as our newest client! Love these table toppers designed to.. read more →

3 Toronto Community Superheroes

Have you ever noticed how most superhero stories take place in one of two places? One is New York City, a common place for Marvel comics, because it’s where Stan Lee lived during his most prolific years. The other common setting is a fictional city, like Metropolis or Gotham. This is because DC Comics decided.. read more →

How We’re Hacking Health in a Post-Digital World

This week we’re headed to our first-ever Hacking Health Cafe in Toronto. It’s an event “designed to improve healthcare by pairing technological innovators with healthcare experts to build realistic, human-centric solutions to front-line healthcare problems,” and we’re really excited to go! In the post-digital world, more and more people are trying to “hack” their health.. read more →

3 Ways ‘Women at the Ritz’ Advances Feminine Leadership and Why TLAC is a Strong Supporter

3 Ways ‘Women at the Ritz’ Advances Feminine Leadership and Why TLAC is a Strong Supporter “‘If women connect to the power within, they become transformational forces of nature for their families, their communities and the world.” Fatma Zaidi 1.   On June 10, 2013 at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto, women from all walks of life.. read more →

Win a Rogers No-Contract Blackberry Z10!

You can win a Blackberry Z10 from TLAC. 1000 Points gives you 10 Draw entries!! Here’s how you score points and win this awesome prize!! Bank 1000 Points for Each $100 you spend at TLAC between February 5th, 2013 and April 30th, 2013. Win 100 Points for liking us on facebook. Earn 10 Points for.. read more →

Join us for lunch!

Friends! This time next week we’ll be dancing on our lunch break as the european dance craze lands in Toronto! Join us on November 28th, 2012 from 12pm to 1pm for 1 hour of dancing and a healthy takeaway lunch. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door, BUT… IA Clarington Investments just.. read more →