09 Feb 2018

Community Service: Beat TO (WIP)

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Notes to self:

Level 1: (us) this is the awesome stuff that we do; we’re a major part of the community

Level 2:  (customer) this business sees me as more than a customer

Level 3: (business) this is something I’d like to try too


We spend a lot of time thinking about our role as a print and publishing company within the Toronto community. We work really hard to be the best in customer service and every day we see how our efforts have paid off. Through a combination of new digital technologies, customers don’t even need to change out of their pajamas or leave their homes to self-publish an entire book with us! If a customer wanted to, they could start and finish a project with us all through text message. Pretty awesome, right?

Despite the digital environment and the shortening of face-to-face contact, we have always taken pleasure in fostering friendships and becoming familiar with the stories of our customers. One of our favorite examples of connecting with our community started with one of our regular visits to SickKids Hospital.

If you’ve ever work with us or checked out our site, you’ll notice that we do a lot of work with SickKids Hospital. With the help of our customers, we send a monthly cheque to SickKids, made out to Patient Care. Working so closely together, we spend a lot of time chatting with the SickKids staff. It was on one of these casual days sometime back in (MONTH) that we learned about _________________ (name). __________ (name) was a patient at Sick Kids. (More details needed like age etc.) An expert DJ, ___________ (name) played the music for a series of Sick Kids events. Once we heard news of this talent, how could we resist throwing a party? And we did! (Details on the party, date, time, who was invited, memorable events). Without surprise, our party night was a big hit and an incredibly memorable night.




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