Community Service: Beat TO (WIP)

Notes to self: Level 1: (us) this is the awesome stuff that we do; we’re a major part of the community Level 2:  (customer) this business sees me as more than a customer Level 3: (business) this is something I’d like to try too   We spend a lot of time thinking about our role.. read more →

How to Become a Thought Leader

A thought leader is more than an expert. They are first and foremost exceptional leaders who share their knowledge with wide audience. read more →

5 Great Films Based on Biographies and Memoirs

Nothing beats a great memoir. Memoirs and biographies share a unique perspective about our collective history, achievements, failures, and progress. Not only are these perspectives insightful, they have been the inspiration for a number of great adaptations. Here are a few memoirs and biographies re-imagined for the big screen. read more →