Electronic Publications 101: PDF vs EPUB / Reflow vs Fixed

Sharing information within a corporation has never been easier. You can now efficiently create and share documents electronically and more businesses are doing exactly that. But what exactly do these electronic documents (EPUB) look like and how are they different? read more →

How to Become a Thought Leader

A thought leader is more than an expert. They are first and foremost exceptional leaders who share their knowledge with wide audience. read more →

5 Great Films Based on Biographies and Memoirs

Nothing beats a great memoir. Memoirs and biographies share a unique perspective about our collective history, achievements, failures, and progress. Not only are these perspectives insightful, they have been the inspiration for a number of great adaptations. Here are a few memoirs and biographies re-imagined for the big screen. read more →

Printing 101: CMYK vs RGB

Whenever you start a new digital project, you will have to choose between using the CMYK or RGB colour format. It may sound like a technical difference, but your choice could have a massive effect on your work!  read more →

Self-Publishing 101: A Brief Overview

Self-publishing hasn’t always been the coolest kid on the block. Writers and readers alike wondered if self-publishing would be a new and exciting age for publishing? Or was it simply a shortcut for anyone to publish anything? Would you be stunned if I said both are true?  read more →