PR Internship


This internship applies to our TLAC Studio on University Avenue by SickKids.


This position requires a high-energy, self-directed, deadline-oriented individual who has exceptional communication skills and is able to maintain the PR channel of TLAC Studios.

The successful candidate will research and write short articles in a conversational, engaging style related to projects that the TLAC community is privy to; Internationally and around the Discovery District. Articles will include supporting links and visuals.

The successful candidate may interview authors, publishers, and contributors on their research, knowledge, and experience. Article topics are limitless and can range from Medicine to Abstract Art.

Each blog entry will reinforce our main objectives: create a sense of community, offer accessible continuing education information, be relevant and inspiring, provide a connection to our organization, offer best practices information, and create an opportunity for reader comments on three social media channels.


  1. Visit tlac studios in-person once a week to select a project and request any and all permissions
  2. Speak directly with contributors and design a piece that caters to their communication goals
  3. Edit and publish content on our blog under the coaching of tlac Studios’ Marketing Team
  4. Measure and track the effectiveness of blog topics based on number of viewers and number of comments
  5. Perform continuous enhancements and modifications to the blog with the support of the Marketing Team
  6. Troubleshoot and repair bugs and technical problems under the guidance of tlac Studios’ Technical Team
  7. As appropriate, respond promptly to blog comments and e-mail
  8. Act as a collaborative liaison between blog readers and tlac Studios
  9. Perform other duties in the PR channel as assigned


Possess engaging “conversational” writing skills with a professional posture. The successful candidate must be computer and Internet savvy, with considerable experience in using and building blog/social media communities. Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or related field preferred.


  • Superb proofreading and editing skills
  • Ability to create, compose, and edit written materials
  • Ability to write simply with a conversational style
  • Writing should be informative, but not verbose

Project Management

  • Ability to effectively manage time and multi-task
  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a team.
  • Present professional, but friendly posture with blogosphere colleagues and throughout the Internet

Business Savvy

  • Understand mission of tlac Studios
  • Maintain high ethics with blog presentation, content and daily work tasks
  • Assist tlac Studios Marketing Committee in identifying opportunities based on new developments in the blogosphere

An Honorarium of up to $1500 will be paid at the end of the 6 month internship. Interns work in the studios on University Avenue and at hotspots in the Discovery District.

About TLAC

TLAC is a Toronto based tech company on University Avenue in the Discovery District innovating 3D Printing, Mobile Apps, Image Animation, and Print Publishing technology. We’re the highest rated Toronto printing & publishing company on the planet. Every month, we drop a cheque off at SickKids Hospital, made out to Patient Care.

TLAC Studios is where vision, logic, & positivity intersect!

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