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Ghost write your book with TLAC ghostwriters!  TLAC ghostwrites (def. business books that are designed to elevate your status as a professional. Our fully customized book writing process ensures your business content is well written and effectively communicated. TLAC’s ghostwriting service includes research, planning, outlining, book writing, typesetting, and digital production.

If you’ve attended a conference, a summit, or a business event, you would have noticed that every leader in your industry has published their own business books. Many of these books are indeed written by a ghost writer.  The trend for business leaders to publish a book is on the rise and there are good reasons why…

Book Writing Ghostwriter Service Canada Professionals that publish books can show that they’re a leader in their field. As an expert, these published professionals are usually invited to speak at events and join panels which brings their business or practice wider exposure. By demonstrating expertise and reaching a wider audience, published professionals have noticed an increase in their respective business activity. Book writing is very time consuming for a busy professional, but books have been a key resource in many businesses strategies.

Write a book that showcases you as a thought leader… sounds great, but who has the time?  Hire a TLAC ghostwriter and we’ll get you to the finish line.

Who Should Write a Book?

You’re a professional, a thought leader, entrepreneur or a business person with a story or some business savvy to share. You could be from a growing company that needs a little extra marketing help with a published book. You’re an individual who wants to grow in your field and make your mark. In one word, you’re a champion.

Why Choose a TLAC Ghostwriter and Book Writing Service?

TLAC has been helping professionals create their books for years and we’ve been doing a pretty good job doing it. We have helped professionals of every background with their projects. Here at TLAC, we have designed a unique service to help you create your own power book with the help of our great writing and design staff. We offer everything from ghostwriting to specialty design and accessible re-flowable eBooks. More information on our ePub production services is available on this page.

Services We Offer Business Book Authors:

Business Book Publishing for Professionals

eBooks for ePub Readers and Kindles

We offer our authors a number of services to choose from including book writing, typesetting, eBook coding, book production, and online distribution. If you are in need of any number of these publishing services, contact TLAC today and we can assist you in producing an effective business book for your professional needs.

Ghostwriting services at TLAC for writing business books under 150 pages range from $15,000 to $25,000 based on the word count, complexity, provided material and timeline for the book writing project.

Are you ready to elevate your professional optics? Contact TLAC today…

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