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TLAC is a reliable printing source for legal printing and duplication services in Toronto. We are located in the Discovery District on University Avenue by Ontario Courts. We produce professional looking documents at an affordable rate.

Legal Documents

Every legal case is filled with printed documents. These documents include depositions, legal discovery, graphs, reports, court filings, and briefs. In addition to the vast number of documents, lawyers need several copies of them to distribute to opposing counsel and the courts.

Indexes and tabs

Legal documents can be complex but we can simplify things by adding tabs and indexes to separate the different sections of your filings. All you have to do is tell us how you want the documents arranged and we will put them in the correct order. Our tabs and indexes are easy to read and brightly colored, making it easier for you and others to find what you are looking for when you need it.

Professional appearance

The documents you submit to the court and to other counsel need to be professional in appearance. We offer a number of binding services that give your documents an impressive quality, whether you are using them in a court setting or in a board room. Special attention is placed on your order to make sure that your printed documents look polished. If you need large scale evidence posters that will emphasize the points you wish to make, we can do this too.

Prompt delivery

We understand that you need your legal copies in a timely manner and we offer prompt delivery so you never have to walk into any court hearing or legal meeting without the materials you need. Your printed order arrives, ready to be distributed and used.


All of our printing services are offered at an affordable price that your clients will appreciate. Because we offer a number of services to a varied number of industries, printing costs are able to remain within a reasonable range. We also benefit from provincial government subsidies which equals to savings for you.

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