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We love working with memoirs and turning a legacy into a book for the world to read. Your story is very important and we give you the tools to tell it professionally, with attention to detail. Browse our cover selection of boards and cloths for hardcover, or see samples of our paper options and make an informed decision.

Memoir Publishing

Writing a memoir solidifies our legacy, it brings our families together, it captures the essence of our life’s journey, provides context to our colleagues, and in many cases, provides valuable insights for our Canadian community.

For the authors who have already written their memoir or autobiography in perhaps Microsoft Word, you may be thinking, what’s next for my manuscript? Many have asked us exactly that, so we’ve collected the answers to the most frequently asked memoir publishing questions for your reference.

Is my memoir ready for production?

This depends on how much work you have spent on your life story. Even if you have a fully complete manuscript, you will still have a little extra work to do like cover design, interior styling, folios, headers, book layout, and editing. If you already have a print ready PDF, you only have a few more things to consider before publishing! Do you want an ISBN on your book? Would you like to create an EPUB?

Once you’ve figured out these final details, you will be ready to publish your memoir!

How do I publish my memoir?

There are two ways you can publish a memoir: traditional publishing and self-publishing.

If you want to learn more about the difference between the two, read our article here. TLAC helps hundreds of authors self-publish their memoirs and autobiographies. If you have a complete or nearly complete manuscript, contact us and we will help you publish your book!

How long should my book be?

Memoir Publishing

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Memoirs can be any length, but we typically see memoirs that are anywhere between 100,000 to 200,000 words. The page count however will depend on how many images, their sizes, and how spread out they are throughout your book. Let us know how you would like to include images in your memoir and we will have a better idea of how many pages your book will be when printing.

Do I need to have my book edited?

YES. We strongly, strongly, STRONGLY recommend having your book edited. If you’re only planning to publish one book in your lifetime, you might as well go all the way and make sure it’s the best version it can be.

There are different types of editing services too. If you want someone to look at your manuscript as a whole and recommend how you can improve it, you should look for an editor. If you have already edited your work and you’re looking for someone to check for spelling and grammatical errors, you can look for a copy editor or proofreader.

How do I select a good ghost writer/editor/copy writer?

Memoir Printing in Toronto with TLAC

Memoir Printing in Toronto with TLAC

There are a number of freelancers across Canada that offer a number of writing and editing services. At TLAC, we have an excellent writing staff who can help you write or edit your work. Ballpark grammatical editing rates range between $2485 and $4895 + HST based on the length of your current manuscript and substantiveness of the grammatical editing required. Ghost writing, book layout, design and production costs are not included in this range.

If your text is completely proofread and ready for TLAC’s book design & production service then the ballpark range for book production is based on your word count, number of pictures, complexity of the design you require, timeline, and quantity of books you would like to produce.

Where do I print my book?

Self-publish your memoirs with TLAC, we print your books in-house! We have a number of printing options for you including softcover memoirs, hard cover memoirs, perfect binding and smith sewn binding, so get in contact with us to see which option works best for your project.

Do I own the copyright?

Yes! Unlike traditional publishing, the beauty of self-publishing is that your book belongs 100% to you!

How do I make an eBook?

TLAC offers eBook production services so that you can reach a wider audience through online distribution sites. More information on our eBook services is available here.

How do I sell my book?

There are a few ways to sell your book. You can host your own book launch, have a family gathering, attend a writing or book event, sell your books online, and offer your books to specialty bookstores. TLAC is in the works of starting our own online bookstore to help you sell your books into other countries. Check back soon and we will have more information for authors soon.

How do I become a bestselling author?

The books that land on the bestsellers list is as varied as the people who read and write them! One thing we do know is that people love reading good memoirs!
After helping hundreds of authors publish their memoirs, we have noticed a few patterns shared by the best memoirs! At the core of every great memoir is a story people care about told in a way that make people want to read it. Simple, right? Bring your stories to TLAC and we can help you create the book you envisioned.

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    Read some of our highly satisfied customer’s reviews about our Memoir printing and publishing services. We take great care in working with the author to bring their story to reality and can offer small orders of 10 books or bulk orders of hundreds of books. Your special life story will live on with TLAC’s memoir publishing services.