Recent Press & Awards for our Small Business in Toronto

The best accolades come from our customer reviews.  We also have been fortunate enough to get some press coverage as we continue to fight relentlessly to make a big impact with our small business. Below are some of the articles written on TLAC’s efforts and championing the growth of a small business in Canada.

Go Above and Beyond

“Getting right to work on your PIP is a good start, but going the extra mile for your boss and your company will prove that you’re willing to do what it takes to succeed at this job. Miraz Manji, founder of TLAC Studios & TLAC Toronto Printing & Publishing, said the best way to do this is to find out which areas of growth your company is exploring and determine what skills are required to achieve it..”

Toronto Region Board of Trade Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

“Our goal is to grow our company ten times by offering workflow engineering solutions to Fortune 500 firms.”

It’s not about being perfect

“Customers are not completely unreasonable — they may be naive at times, but there is always a grain of truth in what they are dissatisfied with,” says Manji..

TLAC Sees Rapid Company Growth With the Rise of the Self-Publisher and Indie Author

“We’re excited about the opportunity self-publishing has provided us to not only tell amazing untold stories, but also further develop our business,” said Miraz Manji, founder of TLAC…

The ‘millionaire jerk’ professor

“He told them his time was worth more than theirs, and they better participate and not waste his time,” Mr. Manji had heard from someone already taking Economics of Entrepreneurship, and he promptly dropped another class to sign up..

Miraz Manji: Today’s Notable Young Entrepreneur

Today’s Notable Young Entrepreneur is Miraz Manji, Founder of TLAC Toronto Printing & Publishing, an innovative 2D/3D design, digital & print publishing technology company headquartered in Toronto that specializes in e-book publishing, 3D printing estimates, event printing, custom self-publishing, and book cover design…

Robots helping small businesses scale craftsmanship

Affordable automation has arrived for small businesses, but there’s still room for humans..