Making your content mobile and tablet friendly!

New technologies are changing the way your customers access your services. Our team upgrades your site and makes it Web 2.0 / Web 3.0 compatible using the latest platforms and web systems that are optimized for Android, Blackberry, Windows, and iOS Apple tablets and mobile phones.

TLAC computer engineers are the best in the city. We are enthusiastic about technology and bridging the business to business communications gap.

Sprucing up your image.

Upgrade your imagery using our professional creative services. Need to update your book cover, logo, or presentation document? Our graphic design services are ideal for sprucing up your image. Have video from your events and workplace? Our editors will cut it together so it tells your story with impact.

Create engagement amongst your audience, our consultants are here to help! More details on our creative design & editing services are available below, just click on the relevant link.

Keeping you relevant.

Are your webpages and brand pages optimized for search engines and connecting to an online marketing campaign? TLAC brings you up to date and helps you harness the power of online engagement to propel your brand in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Increasing your availability.

People still like the look and feel of a printed book, but shipping costs can prevent you from reaching readers around the world. Are your books available to read anywhere and at anytime? We publish your content into an e-book that is accessible worldwide on tablets and mobile devices. Speak to a TLAC representative about republishing your content into digital formats that support your printing requirements.

For more information on our eBook publishing and Digital Media services, visit one of the links below or call for an appointment.